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Kathy-Ann M Alexis, Esquire


Kathy-Ann M Alexis, is an African American Attorney, special judge, special prosecutor and mentor.  Originally raised in New York City, she currently resides in Alabaster, Alabama, with her children.  Ms. Alexis was educated in New York public school system and earned her BA from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.   Upon graduating from John Jay she interned at the New York City Attorney General's office, Harlem division. Ms. Alexis then relocated to Birmingham, Alabama where she completed law school and was admitted to Alabama State Bar in 2009.  In 2012 Ms. Alexis returned to law school and earned her LLM in International Tax and Finance, with a concentration in Risk Management and Compliance.  While Ms. Alexis law practice is primarily criminal defense, she also practices in Family law, Divorces, and she is a Guardian Ad Litem for the state of Alabama.  Most recently, she has completed training in Capital Murder defense trials.  Attorney Alexis currently serves as the senior defense attorney at Midfield Municipal Court, where she also serves as Special Judge when asked by the Presiding Judge.

Ms. Alexis was raised in a low income home in Harlem, New York.  She was raised by a single mother who worked multiple jobs and instilled the importance of education into her children's lives at an early age.  While in public school, often the windows were broken and the books were missing chapters, but she was still expected to read, learn and research and fill in the gaps in her education.  She filled in this gap by reading intensely, doing extra credit work, developing a love of the arts  and writing poetry. In 2015, she published her first book, a non-fiction book entitled, The Anti-Husband!.  A fictional story about the lessons a single mother learns about surviving her divorce and overcoming poverty after divorce.  She has worked on many other writing projects, like submitting a screen play for HBO’s Project Greenlight and submitting songs to American Idol for consideration.  She often says that she believes that she was writing in the womb!

Application for the Alexis Writer's scholarship

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