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In loving memory of our dear brother Winston Williams. Donations to the shelter named after him and his life work on behalf of the poor are welcome.

Central Alabama Caribbean American Organization (CACAO) is pleased to announce our expansion into the Capital City of Montgomery, Alabama.  
It is a wish we have nurtured for several years, but as they say nothing happens before the time and in this case meeting the right person in the form of Dr. Nandini Ramroop, MD, an enthusiastic, energetic liaison who not only embraced the idea, but went to work to make it a reality was the right time.
CACAO is thrilled to work with Dr. Ramroop,  Jonathan Joseph, Gay Foster, Adeyela Bennett and all other community members, elected and otherwise,  who have committed to not only growing the Montgomery Network into a Chapter, but in expanding the Caribbean outreach to Auburn, Selma, Tuskegee, Troy and surrounding areas.
The Board of CACAO salutes our fellow island folks and all supporters of the vibrant Caribbean region and look forward to great things to come and to attending and supporting their activities.

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